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Hello Derek,

Thanks for your post; I look forward to getting this terrific feature!

I'm a history student from Moscow. At the moment, I'm using OmniOutliner to parse a huge pdf with a medieval text (around 1200 pages). I copy and paste chunks of text from Adobe Reader to OmniOutliner and try to classify them, trying to find an exact place in a tree of categories for each one. The truth is, however, that a fragment often should be placed under several rubrics at the same time.
I usually make lots of changes to the imported text (correct OCR errors, highlight words, add a comment to whole row, input data into columns etc.), and I would like to make these changes only once for each 'duplicated' row.

I don't know if this feature is easy to implement in terms of programming. But it is really a challenging task for a designer or a ui engineer. How would you show links to other instances of a row? Will there be arrows or buttons or whatever? Shall you probably introduce an alternative flat asset-based view with an ability to label topics with a drop-down structured list of labels extracted from the outline? I know that your company is one that is able to solve such problems in an elegant way.

This feature can really advance my research. I can't wait to get it.


PS: I'm currently exploring AppleScript to automate the clipping process. If you make those 'clones' accessible through the AppleScript object model, that will be beyond my expectations! In any case, I'll follow this topic and I'm ready to beta-test etc.