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So braver I take it you've interpreted my last post as being a rant or that I'm being impatient. On the contrary. I've grateful for the responses from the Omni team and don't feel the least bit impatient.

I'm fully aware of the nature of alpha and beta software - and the risks therein. I have no expectations of immediate answers from the Omni team. I'm smart enough to realize that they are busy folks doing everything they can to keep their customers happy. I'm not unhappy.

I'm bummed because everything was working like a champ with 1.01. Now it's not. It happens. No one died. It will be resolved in do time. My only interest is in doing everything I can to assist the folks at Omni in tracking down what the issue might be. Including the fact that it could be entirely my issue.

If Lizard or any of the other good folks at Omni were somehow offended by the tone of any of my posts, I openly apologize. It was not my intent.

On the other hand, braver, I would encourage you to try not to read things into others posts.