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Here's the email I sent into OmniGroup via the Help menu's "feedback" page. This request applies to both the iPhone app, and the computer app. If you like this idea I hope you'll send them feedback about this idea, too. I'm posting here to spark others thoughts on these possible features;

I know I've been bugging you guys but now with the iPhone App I'm using OmniFocus more than ever.

I have a significant suggestion that was largely inspired by your iPhone app and another location aware app I own called ShopList. The suggestion is:

Allow an action to have more than one context
Allow a context to have more than one location (in the iPhone app)
Both of the above!! (the best idea!).

Here's where ShopList comes in: this app allows me to create a shopping list and associate each item with more than one location. This makes sense because I prefer Trader Joe's for wine and other goodies but have to do most of my shopping at my local big box supermarket. But if I need a gallon of milk I can get that at either one - so wether I'm at Joe's or the big box I have "Milk" on my list. I can also have the shops plotted on a map

Well the same would make sense with OmniFocus on the iPhone. Now that I can carry my list with me and have it sorted by location I've decided to get more precise in my contexts. So the other day I put an action in a new "Post Office" context and associated my local post office's address with it. But then I started thinking, what about the post-office near my work? If I'm near it and looking for an action to take care of on my lunch hour, wouldn't I want to be able to see that Post Office context there, too? I'm sure you can think of many other similar scenarios. I think the most obvious scenario would be banking - how nice would it be to have the context "bank" associated with all the branches near your home, your work, your gym, your kid's school, etc?

I would think the multiple context request is common and doesn't require explanation (e.g. I can buy a money order at the grocery store or the bank so I would assign it to both contexts). It would also be a quick way to take care of the first request but not as neat and clean - I wouldn't want a list of contexts that included a separate context for every branch of my bank in town.

BTW, I tried doing a shopping list in OmniFocus but the lack of this flexibility caused me to go on the hunt for an app that allowed for multiple stores to one item.