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I know some people love being able to refer back to tasks they've completed,
and that the 1.1 version has an "Archive Completed Tasks" option, but for those of us who want completed tasks to go away forever and not ever turn up in searches or when using "Any Status" views or whatever, and are sticking with 1.0.3 for now, here's a script to clear out the deadwood.

The script defaults to clearing items that were completed more than 30 days ago, but that's easily changed by editing the script.

The script works its way through the 'default document,' descending into folders and projects as necessary. If a project is set to repeat, then the script skips over that project (it didn't do that until I read about the bug in OF1.1 {grin}) and all the items contained therein.

A task will be deleted if: it is marked as completed, it does not repeat, and if the completion date is 30 or more days in the past. A project will be deleted if it meets those criteria, and is marked "done."

Feedback regarding the script, positive or negative, is always welcome.

I put my copy of this script in [Home Folder]/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniFocus

Since I have my script menu turned on, I can select "Clear Completed Items" from the script menu when I'm in OmniFocus.
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