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Really? So Apple took you down a path that would result in you buying an Apple product? Surely not :eek: How very Microsoft () of them ;)

Seriously though, I didn't realise the Treo stopped syncing in Leopard. The 650 is Palm OS right? I thought you could still sync Palm OS with Leopard?
Yeah, when Apple released the iPhone, they removed one of the coolest features in OS X - it's Bluetooth integration for many, many phones. I know it sounds cynical of me, but they removed the feature because they didn't support this on the iPhone and didn't want this cool feature to be available for other phones, and not the iPhone. :( This is in addition to the loss of syncing as mentioned by the OP. I have an iPhone, so it doesn't affect me that much, but it really put a dull spot on Apple's shiny image for me.