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Hi OmniFocus Team,

first let me say that you are doing great with OmniFocus, its really changing the way I work and how I apply GTD in practice to the better.

The following feature would improve OmniFocus for me even more:

There are lots of things I can do only during certain times in the day/week:

* Phone calls during business hours

* Errands that have to be done at certain times in the week (like visiting the doctor, town hall and such -- often with weird opening hours)

Often things like this get deferred quite a long time because I'm always thinking about them at the wrong times.

This could be added as a feature of contexts best in my opinion. So such that certain contexts are available at certain times and hide at other times.

Additionally it would also be great to have this for singular actions/projects where creating a context extra for a special action wouldn't be worth it (on the other hand if contexts are filtered in the sidebar those special one-time contexts wouldn't show)

And if this would also work on the iPhone (especially in combination with "Nearby") this would be great.

Kind regards,
Peer Stritzinger