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There are lots of things I can do only during certain times in the day/week:

* Phone calls during business hours

* Errands that have to be done at certain times in the week (like visiting the doctor, town hall and such -- often with weird opening hours)

Additionally it would also be great to have this for singular actions/projects where creating a context extra for a special action wouldn't be worth it
You can accomplish a lot of this with the current offering, though perhaps not automatically.

For example, the calls:

Instead of having just a Calls context, make

Calls: Any time
Calls: Business Hours
Calls: Evening
Calls: Weekend

(obviously, customize to your needs)

File your actions accordingly. If you want to just see business hours calls, look only at the Calls: Business Hours context. If you want to see everything, widen your view to the Calls context, which will get them all. I know this doesn't provide an automatic "hey, you can make this call now" function, but if you want that on your desktop, make sure you have Growl installed ( and put a start date/time on the actions and you'll get a reminder.

As for a special context "not being worth it" -- why not? Contexts are inexpensive and can be deleted without regret once their usefulness is past. You aren't carving your context list on a stone tablet; use the flexibility OmniFocus gives you!