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I'm not sure if I made my request clear: time sensitive contexts will be exactly what you are suggesting as workaround but automatic.
Oh, it was quite clear. I'm a big fan of things you can do for yourself now, instead of things you might be able to get someone else to do for you in the future. You're assuming that what Omni will deliver (assuming they do deliver something) will handle your requirements, and as a practical matter, you're probably looking at a minimum of 2 or 3 months before you'll be able to get your hands on some software even as a sneaky peek. That's a lot of phone calls!
Thats what I'm doing now but it is not working for me, because many contexts have weird times and I forget to look at the right contexts at the right times. Actual real life example (times in 24h format):

Mo 8-12 + 16-19
Tu 8-12 + 16-19
We 8-12
Th 8-11:30 + 14-16:30
Fr 8-14:30
Those contexts all have substantial overlap. Set up a context for weekday morning calls, put the calls in there, and just do them. Put in a start date, or a calendar reminder, or whatever it takes to get you to look at that context at the appropriate time. I'm not a GTD dogmatist by any stretch of the imagination, but it sounds like your review process is failing you if you are not thinking of these things at the right time. There's absolutely nothing wrong with looking at your contexts/projects in the morning and mapping out what actions you intend to take. See page 50, The Threefold Model for Evaluating Daily Work, Doing Predefined Work. No automation required. Would it be helpful? Sure.

A start date wouldn't help because then I would have to decide when exactly I will want to do certain things. Thats quite un-GTD like, because its like writing in your calendar things to do that needn't be done at that time.
See the paragraph above. A start date in conjunction with Growl or a tickler perspective will give you a reminder about that task that you've been avoiding. How much energy do you want to squander repeatedly postponing action?