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(I didn't post this in the other form of a similar name as I have a slightly different config)...

I just purchased the iphone app, and am evaluating via trial period the desktop app.

I have a computer in my office, and a computer at home (both Macs). I carry between them a small (120GB) firewire 800 pocket drive. I also carry my iphone with me constantly.

I am looking to determine if there is a good syncing solution for my configuration. As I would prefer to typically enter tasks into the desktop app (vs the iphone app), I would like to have my database on my pocket drive, thereby allowing both my home and office Mac to access the same database. However, I am unclear as to if this is possible with the new syncing requirement that the database file be in the Application Support folder (I tried an alias to my pocket hard drive, but that didn't work - maybe I should try the "symbolic link" solution?).

I understand that one can sync to a hard drive (which would allow my pocket drive to contain the latest updated database), BUT, then wouldn't I have to switch preferences just to then sync this to my iphone???

BTW, I don't have mobileMe, or any reliable way to breach the firewall in my condo's internet set-up.

Anyone have any suggestions?