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Note that there is a built-in Archive feature (see File menu) in OF 1.5 that seems to make this script obsolete, unless I'm misunderstanding what the script does. I can't imagine anyone still running OF 1.0.3. Is there a reason to do so?
Run 1.0.3? Probably not. But I can think of at least two reasons why one might still use the script instead of the archive function.

1. You don't want to archive it, you just want it gone. Why have this archive file cluttering up your drive?

2. You want to have finer control over the cleanup than the archive function provides. Deciding what gets deleted when could be subject to arbitrarily complex conditions in the AppleScript.

And there's the not-inconsiderable value of just having a working script to help one figure out how the heck to make something else happen in OmniFocus. Even Omni's AppleScript Dictionaries are sometimes bafflingly cryptic. It took me a fair amount of time to figure out how the heck "sections" actually work, especially since there's also the whole "tree"-based structure, which turned out to not be useful for this script.