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Hi all, i have a (sort of..) priority question/problem that someone overhere might just have the solution or brilliant idea for..!

I now have a quite extensive OF database that keeps track of, well my life. I'm a freelancer, artist, curator, part of a small group who runs a project space, and i'm a human who likes to live. So part of the reason to use OF is to keep sure all these aspects of the spectrum get the attention they deserve, and not just the latest, greatest or most screaming ones. Guess this sounds somewhat familiar to you all;-)

I use flag's, due's, start dates for the stuff (actions) i want or need to do at certain point in time, but there is a (sort of) in between these things thing that i also would like to tackle..
For instance, i said yes to a non paying freelance project (in order to hopefully generate some paying projects), but no matter how hard i set my mind on low priority on this, and no matter how hard i explain this to this client, i keep getting bugged with it; literally and therefore also in my mind. But it's not something i want to flag or set due dates on..
Same goes for another project, something i'm doing for a friend, and requires a lot of work, but keeps falling of the radar.. or maybe just plain procrastinating..

Anyway, i need some kind of "keep a bit more on radar" type of thing/method; i now made a short list that sit's on top of it all called bugzzz on wich i just retype the stuff that bugzzz me (so no links or whatever to the projects, i know where to find them), but i could imagine this going fancier and easier? I'm not using the review yet; not there yet on the habit change scale..

Maybe a little vague this, but anyone any ideas?