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Thanks, but I already know quite a lot about perspectives and so forth (I've been using this application since the alpha days), this doesn't really address what I'm trying to accomplish though. I already have a perspective for reviewing next actions, the problem is that the available "Next Action" filter does not distinguish between actions which are next in a project, and single-actions which are attached to dumping bins. Since I use both of these types rather heavily, there is a lot of "false positives" in my NA review.

Regarding last comment: There is are some important technical and philosophical differences between parallel projects and single action buckets which I'd rather not sacrifice just for one perspective and one weekly review. That might muddy things up even further than they are. At least now I can visually skip over the "blue lines" in the NA review. If everything was Parallel or Sequential, it would take quite a lot more work to skip over the unnecessary items.