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While I agree that the default OF appearance doesn't seem likely to make someone get excited by all the pretty colors and shapes, this is intended to be a functional, industrial-strength tool. I look at your screenshots, and I look at my task list in OmniFocus, and my immediate reaction is that OF appears to pack a lot more content onto my small screen. If I had a few dozen projects with a few actions each, it wouldn't be a big deal. With hundreds of projects, making it more beautiful by just spreading everything out isn't going to be a welcome change.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not insisting that the UI design must stay the same, but rather that the most important part of the user experience for me is that the tool helps me get my work done expeditiously, and if that means the only people interested in printing screen shots and framing them for the wall are Omni developers (and their mothers), that's fine. I'd rather they work on fixing rough spots in the UI that make various tasks more difficult than necessary.