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Perhaps adding visual appeal/elegance without sacrificing screen real estate is one answer, but another one would be to provide the OPTION of a stripped down sterile industrial look, and then the option of a more appealing interface for those who are emotionally connected to an elegant aesthetic.

I for one prefer a more simplistic view, and am turned off by too much info on the screen at once, but I realize others desire the opposite, and that's why I think it should be customizable. I'd rather scroll a bit than be visually overwhelmed by dense information...

I'm trying out HitList now and I must say I'm definitly enjoying it and look forward to interacting with its interface... this is the opposite 'sensation' from what I get when using OF.

I have to agree that the lack of an appealing aesthetic does act as an obstacle to me actually using OF unfortunately. But then again, I'm a UI/UX designer so I'm often very emotioanally reliant on aesthetic elegance.

Again, I want to be clear that I'm well aware that OF is the CLEAR leader of this category in terms of power and functionality. I just think it should not sacrifice aesthetics as a result, and could learn from others in that regard.