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Out of the box OF isn't my cup of tea either, but after some major tweaking I got it looking a lot like "things"; for instance try using Lucida grande 11 point. Itunes and Things use this.
Having said that i could never ever go back to using things now, let alone use this Hitlist.. it's just too playful for my taste. This is an information manager, not an mp3 chillout tool/toy. I would not take myself seriously using something with tabs that resembles the "real world", in art school i had a teacher that had an anecdote that I will spare you all, but the conclusion was, and still is that this is Kitch.
However if they would change the purple icons into something less purple Led Zeplin i would give it ++1 ;-) Smokey omniganja to fresh omnicoffee or something like that. I'm still amazed at that choice of color for an application like this.

I do think OF could be a bit modernized; it feels a bit cluncky at times. And if i look at Omnioutliner the omnigroup does have it in house to make it all a bit more osx 2009, so i guess we will see that in the near future. But I hope for synced perspectives on the iphone first, and if that means putting up with this design.. i do not mind.