Thread: swissdisk down?
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This sucks. I loved using SwissDisk for the past 2 months. What I loved was that syncing was super fast. Within the Mac App the orange circle sync icon would only circumvent once and it all was synced. In the iPod Touch app I synced super fast fast that if I was running late in the morning could open the app, auto-sync and it would've all synced in less than 10 seconds which was great cause it normally takes 20 seconds to exit my wifi zone at home..

I mention this cause i've been using for the past week and honestly am not a big fan...really only cause of the's slow.

On the Mac app the orange circle winds at least 3 times before it stops and is synced. Honestly this isn't too big of a deal for me since when i'm working on my mac can handle 3 circlings....but with the ipod touch app it it takes forever. No exaggeration at least a minute. and even then within the past week at random times have gotten syncing error messages where the small window pops up telling me to retry.

I never had this problem with swissdisk...

Iono, I just wanna sync quickly. Any help at all?