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Again, I think your best bet to get this resolved quickly is going to be to call them. The suggestion to send email is in contrast to posting on the forum, where there's no guarantee an Omni staffer is going to see your message in a timely manner (or even perhaps at all), and that the debugging information they will want may not be "forum friendly" (read: lots of apparent gibberish). Also, a problem of this sort (the program not working as intended) is clearly a bigger hindrance to your using the product successfully than an issue where some of the columns don't sort the way you want, for example, and you should not feel shy about calling them to speed the resolution.

I think you should be prepared to discuss the specifics of your networking setup when you call; this sounds to me like there is a reasonable possibility that Omni's code may not be at fault. I wonder if your phone isn't sometimes connecting via WiFi and sometimes via cellular data, which would probably cause similar symptoms (not able to find the server because Bonjour won't find the server if you are on separate networks as would be the case if using the cellular link). What happens if you turn off the cellular data connection? Do you get solid connectivity and sync behavior? I have an iPod Touch, not an iPhone, so I'm not 100% sure off the top of my head that you can even do that, but if you can, it might shed some light on the situation.
I don't doubt the connectivity issue could be on the iphone side of things. I've heard of some kind of bug like that, back in May when I got the phone, but at least one other developer (Appigo, I believe - I recall I ran into similar problems with that program and stopped using it for that reason, among others) was aware of the issue then and was working on an iphone software fix with Apple (I believe). If, in fact, the problem was universal to the iphone 3.0 system/hardward, I figured by now all of the developers would have worked with Apple to get to the bottom of the issue, write around it, etc.

As far as cutting the non-wifi connection, the only option I have is Airplane mode, but that kills all communications, including the wifi, so I can't isolate the wifi from the data connection.

It could well be a hardware/software problem limited to the iphone. If that's the case, so be it - just let me know and I'll stop asking OF and its users for help with the issue.