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Once I've not synched for several days and have received the warning box to that effect, and try to sync using the above strategy, OF activates, the wheel at the bottom spins for a long time, then it times out saying it can't reach my server (bonjour mac). Wifi local network is intact, wifi fan is on, etc. Looking at OF Settings, no sync is occurring. Re-send server settings, etc., no relief.

Go to OF Settings, Synchronization - Get Settings From Mac, then go to OF desktop to Send settings, and my Mac shows up - hit synch button - spins - then after 30 seconds or so Mac disappears and "Searching" resumes, followed by "Unable to Synchronize Database with Server". Wifi fan intact, and iphone shows wifi server is the Mac.

Restart iphone OF and it attempts to auto-synch, spins, after a minute+ it stops and displays (!) telling me it can't synch database with server.

From past experience, I know that if I reset everything and establish a "new" relationship between the iphone and Mac, it will ultimately work, but that's not practical. What appears to be happening is that if the mac and iphone aren't synced for a while and you get the message, then the link between the two is broken as to the then-current settings and must be reestablished. At least that's the way it appears to me.

EDIT: Downloaded new update from iTunes (.3), synched update to iphone, same result. Quit OF on mac and restarted, then it synced on its own. Quite possible the update fixed the problem, but time will tell.

Edit: Nope - still episodic syncing. Seems to be a firewall problem - only "allow all incoming connections" works, even though OF (mac app) is in the "except" list when limiting access.

Edit: 4/30 - Now syncing fine, even w/o allowing "all access" at firewall, and without having to put iphone into Airplane Mode.

Edit 5/5 - Once again, no sync until allowed "all access" at firewall, then sync'd fine.

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