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Another PC and Mac User (sometimes even from the same machine) in need of a way to use Omnifocus from a PC, whether an online system or a desktop App.

The online option makes more sense from Omni's perspective i would guess, but it's an absolute priority for me, if i'm going to use Omnifocus properly.

I'm happy to pay for something that works, but it has to work in all my contexts. To me 21st century thinking is cross platform anyway. I'm never going to be able to be a pure Mac user. I travel too much and work in too many different contexts - if you use Excel to any degree, you have to have a PC version. If you work in a big company, you're likely to be provided with a PC anyway.

I'm a non-zealot on platforms - Mac is great (by and large), Windows 7 is pretty damn good. Omnifocus seems the best version of a productivity management system i've come across. To be a committed user, i need it accessible on whatever platform i'm using. That functionality will breed my loyalty and like most of us, i guess, i'm willing to pay up for that.

So, please, Omnigroup sort this out. I've been looking at Omnifocus since 2008, but still can't bring myself to properly commit, because i don't see the commitment to my user-type ( the multi-platform user ) yet.

Thanks for listening :-)


Great tips above as well - spoonlink will be investigated further.

Basecamp (which i also use) seem to be getting close to providing more and more task management stuff. Still a way to go from them as well, but getting closer too.