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I tried to ask this in the Omnifocus for mac forum, but I think this is the right place, so I try to ask this again here, to have a suggestion or a best practice.

Like many others, I have contexts for people I interact with, and contexts for "waiting for" actions, mostly for the same people, with the "on hold" mark.
I also set up perspectives that shows me every action which I need to do with the people, so for example I have a perspective called "Serena" that includes actions from context "People : Serena" and from context "Waiting for : Serena".
The problem is that I need to include every "remaining" actions in the perspective, otherwise I would not see the "waiting for" actions, but this way the perspective shows me also the actions I have assigned to Serena that aren't still available, for example because they aren't the next actions in a sequential project.
I can't figure out how to set up the perspective to show me just the actions that I need to see, since all those actions for OF are simply not available, so... do you have any hint to solve this issue?