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If you want a quick way to check items in an on-hold context to make sure they would be available if not on hold, bring up a context view that shows them.
Hi whpalmer4,
I'm not sure this check is right for me: my trouble is that I have "On hold" contexts, and should disable the "On hold" status, marking them active, as you suggested, but I still want some way to "hide" them from my available actions.

I think I can live with the fact that the projects would be active instead of stalled, but I really need to hide the waiting for actions from my "next action" list, since I have anything to do with them.

I use start date for future actions, but as a manager I have several projects delegated to other people that I check during my daily review: this projects are active, and I need to check them regularly, in order to decide if I want to ask people for some advance status update, so I can't use Start date in this case.

I think the only solution could be if Omni could consider "On hold" status on the actions differently from a generic "Not available" actions.