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Now that the iPad version of OF is out, I am using it with great effect. I am syncing 5 devices, however: a desktop at work and at home, a laptop, an iPhone and an iPad. I currently have about 75 projects and 500 actions.

I have found that without my intervention, the number of zip files will go well over 200 and perhaps higher. I think the reason is probably that there is no natural period of more than an hour where all the databases are synched and nothing changes. The only extended regular time when I am not changing the database is when I am asleep, and of course work and home are not in sync then. So I have been deregistering my work computer and laptop on weekends, and syncing between 1 desktop plus the two mobile devices. However, even then I find that in a morning's work I can go from 1 zip file to 120. I find it hard to believe that this was the behavior anticipated by the designers, but I'm not a database expert. I don't really want to pay this much attention to syncing. Comments and advice, please?