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Very glad to hear that you are pursuing true syncing.

This is a critical item for iPads. An iPad is not an alternative to a computer, it's an adjunct. When I need to do power computing in deep detail, then I do it on my Mac. When I need to update in the field, take notes, correct data etc... then it's on the iPad. I'm not a big enough brain to keep the status of which file(s) I need to update from which source for which app. It's recipe for failure to do it that way.

I need to be able to have my iPad apps sync the way you do with OF. That is the perfectly rendered syncing - by item not by file and so that it works cross platform on multiple platforms seamlessly. I'd be using the same philosophy for OO as for OF.

The big issue that OF had in syncing is trying to get the platforms right. Not everyone has MobileMe and not everyone knows how to set up a WebDAV server. The sort of defacto set of places to do this sort of thing for most every iPad app is (in order): DropBox, Google Docs (ick) and then MobileMe. Google Docs is not an option for those of us that deal with Intellectual Property or proprietary info since we all think Google is searching it.

Great work on OO for Ipad. Do the syncing piece for the next rev.