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Ken, firstly thanks for a great App, its has filled the chasm between MindMapping (iThougts) and OutLiner on the Mac for me.
From my perspective OmniSync Server is not the optimum answer. I use DropBox for all my documents in different parts of my workflow, everything else sends files to DropBox, which syncs with GoodReader which links everything together. I can already open files in OO from GoodReader, the simple ability to save data back to GoodReader (or at least 'Open file in') would go a long way for me.
OmniSync Server is great for OF, but composing/developing work in OO has a different workflow and the requirement to interface with other Apps, for which DropBox or GoodReader is the logical aggregation device.
Thanks again for a great App, the simple way it does Everything is great, I live in AUS and had to burn the midnight oil to get in early on the release, loving it!

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