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Loving OmniFocus so far! However, I have a question about using due dates. I've looked at multiple old threads on the topic and I'm still confused. Here's what I'd like to do. An Example:

- My dogs heart medicine is given to him around the 1st of every month. It's okay if I'm off by a day or two, but I'd like to give it to him as close as I can to the 1st.

- If I don't give it to him on the 1st, I can't give it to him the next month on the first. I need to wait 30 days. So if I don't get around to it until the 5th, the due date for the next month would be the 5th.

So I set up a due date for next month for the 1st. I set up a due soon warning 3 days in advance so I can make sure I have the medicine. And I set it up to recur one month after marked completed.

One, is that the best way to do what I'm shooting for? I tried using start dates, but I then don't get a warning, and I also want the task to show up in "flagged or due soon". That's very important to me.

And two, I can not for the life of me wrap my head around what time of the day I want the default due time to be. I don't really want a particular time. I just want the task to show up as due on the date it's due at midnight (or the turn of the next day). So should I put 12:01 Am? Or 12:00 Am?

Any help is greatly appreciated :) Thanks!