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And two, I can not for the life of me wrap my head around what time of the day I want the default due time to be. I don't really want a particular time. I just want the task to show up as due on the date it's due at midnight (or the turn of the next day). So should I put 12:01 Am? Or 12:00 Am?
I set my default due time to be 5 PM. I certainly don't stop doing things at 5, but for anything that might involve other people, that's a reasonable default, because after 5 many businesses won't be answering the phone, I'll have missed the last mail pickup, etc. For things not involving other people, the exact time at which I get it done is less likely to matter. It's just a default, though, and if August 4, 8:37 PM is the right value for the action I'm creating, typing "8/4 8:37p" isn't much more trouble than typing "8/4".

As a handy shortcut, in due date fields, OmniFocus interprets "today" as, well, today, at your default due time, and "tonight" as today, at 11 PM. For start dates, today is at 12:00 AM, tonight is 11 PM.