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If I don't give it to him on the 1st, I can't give it to him the next month on the first. I need to wait 30 days. So if I don't get around to it until the 5th, the due date for the next month would be the 5th.

So I set up a due date for next month for the 1st. I set up a due soon warning 3 days in advance so I can make sure I have the medicine. And I set it up to recur one month after marked completed.
This is a real edge case, but I like dogs, so I'm just going to throw it out there. Might be worth changing the repetition to "30 days". "1 month" currently, the app does what you want. However, if we changed what 1 month meant for any reason in the future, February might throw the schedule off.

While the chances of that happening are really small, the chances of us changing 30 days to mean something other than 30 days are even smaller. :-)