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as number of completed projects grows I find it useful to have the serach to show completed tasks as well. Same applies to Quick Entry - it should also offer completed projects as a destination for the new item.

The use case is the following:

I have some project that was completed couple of months ago. I get e-mail from friend asking me to help him with his term paper. I bring up Quick Entry window and type short description for task and try to assign it to project by typing its name.. Alas, OF only offers to create new projects.

Expected behaviour in the above scenario would be the completed project appears in the list and becomes "active" once I add new task to it.

Another use case:
I have set up a server a month ago and appropriate project contained some records with notes attached to it. These notes contain server login details, such as password, ip address, etc. The project is set as "completed". Now I want to quickly find these details with "Search" field. OF will show nothing, until I make some adjustments to filters. And in most cases I do not want to lose these filtering settings just to be able to retrieve some archived data.

I would be very glad if OF could offer (via App preferences option) choice for completed items to appear in search results and quick entry lookup feature.