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Hi Jonathan - thanks for the reply.

I actually tried both. The pdf graphic seemed like it was going to work, although I want to get something that looks like a document, and the graphic looked like it just captured enough space to enclose all of the elements on the canvas. The links initially acted like links but there was an error message that I didn't capture - and it only happened the first time I tried. I will see if I can recreate it soon. The URL's are to files on our work intranet, but I opened the file on my work PC, fully logged onto the system.

The print to pdf didn't work at all - that is, the links didn't act at all like links. Is there a setting that makes sure that links from OG are turned into links in the printed pdf?

Thanks again for your response to my questions. I would really like to figure out how to make that kind of thing work, because I think I could make a lot of use of it for work projects.