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For reasons that are too complicated to go into here, I'd love to be able to have multiple OF files. I use OF daily for managing and tracking tasks, but I have a project with a lot of other people and I'm experimenting with a different way of using OF - using Projects and Contexts not for task management, but because it allows us to view information in different ways. (It gets pretty arcane from here, so just trust me on this.)

It'd be great if I could set up a separate OF file for this group so we can track all these things, without everyone having access to my personal stuff.

Is there any way I can create an a new OF file, perhaps as an additional archive file?

I know from searching other posts that I could do this by logging off my account and setting up an OF file on a separate user account, but that would limit its use to me. Also, one of the great assets of OF for this purpose is that we can all use it on iPhones and iPads, so I'd like to have this new file available to me on any platform at any time without having to reboot.

Any way to create a 2nd OF file?