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Sorry if this was already answered before, but I couldn't find anything related.

I have lots of tasks with subtasks.

When I go into forecast mode on the iPhone, the upper tasks are shown, along with their subtasks. What really matters are the subtasks, because the upper task is a general task, which can't be done if the subtasks are not done.

Is there a way the upper tasks don't show in forecast mode? Am I implementing things wrong?


Project Payments
Task "Pay Credit Card"
Subtask "Pay credit card online"
Subtask "Record payment in iBank"

In Forecast mode, the 3 items show up, even though the real actions are the subtasks. The task "pay credit card" should be checked off as soon as the last subtask is checked, because it is a sequential task. That's why I don't think it should be shown in forecast.

Any suggestions?