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So having recently got my boss to pay for this software... I have a couple of questions.

1 - We have around 20 projects running concurently using the same small group of people. Therefore, I am using OmniPlan to ensure that we are not double booking resources. At present, I am guessing that the only way to get this kind of company wide overview is to put all of the projects into one file (in different groups). Have I got this right? Are there any stability issues with this?

2 - Our production team like to have their schedule inserted into google calendars. I have found that I can export the iCalendars as part of the full export but I have two issues:
a) When I re-import the iCal files into google, it duplicates the entries - so any workaround for this and
b) In the video tutorial you can limit the data sent out in the report with filters, but I cannot see these in my installation of OP

3 - Because of the way I am using OP (all projects in one file) when I add a new task it puts it at the start date for the project. Is there a way of changing this so it defaults to today