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Dear all:

I am using OmniOutliner Pro (ver. 3.9.5) and Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac (ver. 12.1.0) and I face a trouble that I can not export as a dotx format:

When the original oo3 document includes more than 2 equations made by LaTeXit, the exported file can not be opened in Microsoft Word with the following error message (details might be incorrect as the original message is in Japanese):
Open XML file Macintosh
HD:Users:***:xxx.docx can not be opened.
The file is broken.

When there is only one equation in an oo3 document, the exportation works as I expected.

I hope this problem would be addressed in a near future as I think the joint use of OmniOutliner and LaTeXit is quite helpful for scientific/technical writing.