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Go to the Projects folder. Tap the Edit button at the upper right. Now find the misplaced project, and tap once on it. At the bottom right you should now see a folder icon with a downward facing arrow. Tap that, and you'll be given the opportunity to move the folder into the spot where you want it in the hierarchy (or to turn it into an action, if that is more appropriate).
Using OmniFocus for iPhone v1.7 (standalone), I have created Projects and populated them with Actions before discovering Folders. I attempted to follow these steps, as well as the online manual ( which is for v1.1), but am unable to move into my folders.

When I go to Projects and tap the Edit button, I select the given project and then tap the folder button (with downward-facing arrow) the "Move this proeject to a new folder view appears, however the only thing listed is "(Top Level)". The folders that I created within the Project view do not appear. (Possible regression?) (Please find attached two screenshots; my project list showing that I have folders, and the move_folders dialog with nothing in it.)

(As a side note, the folder and project counts do not update immediately; it seems to take quitting before they update.)

I am able to create new projects in a folder without incident.

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