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Very cool, thanks for sharing. I've edited the script so that the action created in OmniFocus has no context; that way everything will sit in the Inbox in OmniFocus until I deal with it. (Otherwise, if you click 'Clean Up' and it already has a context assigned, it'll go to that context's lists but not appear in any Project list, which I find very annoying. This way, it'll stay in the Inbox until it's definitely dealt with.)

I also edited it to use em-dashes (—) rather than hyphens (-) between the sections of the action title in OmniFocus. But I know I'm typographically sad.

One thing, though. I don't use Mail Act-On (yet). I copied this script into Mail's scripts folder (~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Mail), but there's no way to activate the script from within Mail itself—it doesn't appear in any of the menus, for example, or on the toolbar. So far I've only run the script from within Script Editor (obviously not a long-term solution, just testing it out). I looked at the DEVONthink scripts in that folder, which do produce items in the 'Message' menu in Mail, but couldn't see anything obvious. Any idea? I'm not an AppleScript maven, I'm afraid.

Thanks very much for this. I was just wondering when we'd see the first OmniFocus AppleScripts!