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You might like to take a look at SpiderOak, I was forced by circumstances to look for an alternative to Dropbox and was pointed to that amongst others.
It has a Linux-like interface, which means it is a little bit more troublesome to set up, but it has advantages: files on the server are encrypted under a zero-knowledge security system; you can tell it to synchronise any folders you like on the client machine(s), you don't have to have a specific folder like Dropbox; its sharing system is more limited, because of the security system, but that might be to your advantage, and clients can access the documents you want them to download through a web-browser when you send them a key combination for that particular sharing folder on the server ...
Apart from having to set it up through the Linux-style interface, once it's up and running, it's very easy to use. The window is persistent, so I've put it in its own space so it's not in the way but I can go to it when I want.
Oh, if necessary, it is available for OS-X, various flavours of Linux, and of Windows. Also there's an iPhone/iPod Touch client (I've downloaded that, but haven't set it up yet).
2 GB free space on the server; USD10/month for 100GB.


PS I'm not connected to the developers in any way, merely very happy to have found it, having had to migrate from Dropbox.