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Should have been a little more through...

What I'm looking for, specifically, is the little tips or extensions that are open to mac users. For instance, is moving email to the inbox most efficiently completed by using the omni bounce back.

I've used OF on phone, ipad, MBA. But I have replaced my home PC with a mac mini and I'm looking forward to being able to use all the integration available.
Your question is still pretty broad in its scope and is difficult to answer without offering many inappropriate solutions or being solely based on user opinion over its merits of achieving your desired results. For instance, I like to use the clipping service on the Mac however, OmniFocus Mail Drop is considered "more" efficient. I agree with this and simultaneous disagree with this. The situation I am in, more specifically the project requirements, may determine I need to have a link back to the email; OmniFocus Mail Drop does not offer this functionality, nor does it allow me to enter additional task details at the time of capture. This does make a difference to me and I still use the OmniFocus clippings feature for the types of scenarios I require links back to email. I also use OmniFocus Mail Drop for many emails a link requirement is not necessary.

Can I ask what you mean by "omni bounce back"?

Some options are:
  • Use the clipping service on a Mac to manually send the email to OmniFocus inbox
  • Forward email to OmniFocus Mail Drop, which sends email to OmniFocus
  • Setup OmniFocus mail rule on a Mac, which sends emails matching the parameters to OmniFocus inbox (requires a Mac to be on and the mail application to be open for processing email)
  • Setup iCloud mail rule (using Apple mail) to forward emails matching the parameters to OmniFocus Mail Drop, which sends the email to OmniFocus inbox (iCloud has less options than the mail application rules on a Mac)
  • Setup IFTTT rule (using Gmail) to forward emails matching the parameters to OmniFocus Mail Drop, which sends the email to OmniFocus inbox
  • Define your own custom mail rule

So, what is it you are asking for here? What device or devices are you using or prefer to use in the processing of your mail? What email service are you using? What application are you using to access your mail? What technology are you comfortable using; knowledge of, security concerns, personal preference, etc...? I do not intend to be harsh in my response, but clarification is probably necessary here if you do not want to get responses of go search the forums. Finding a solution (and for others to direct you to resources) requires defining specifically what you need a solution for. Additionally, once you further define your question you might find the forums do offer at least some part of a solution.