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But I still have the issue that the advertised "Calendar notifications let you know when a task is coming due" led me to expect that I would be able to look in the calendar to see when tasks were due. The current situation is that I can only see tasks that are due in the next ~14 days.
I'm sorry for any confusion: the purpose for the reminder calendar is not to help you see the dates on which tasks which will be coming due—the built-in Due perspective is designed to help with that—but simply to give you at-the-moment notifications about tasks which are coming due.

The larger the notification calendar is, the longer it takes to send across the wire each time you sync (and each time your calendar app checks it for changes). We chose 14 days as the limit under the assumption that people who actively use OmniFocus would typically launch OmniFocus at least once a week—so looking ahead two weeks ought to be long enough to avoid missing any notifications.

I can certainly see how seeing upcoming tasks on a calendar would be useful for visualization, and agree that that would also be useful for many people—but I'm afraid that wasn't the goal for our "calendar notifications" feature. (In fact, we may eliminate the calendar altogether when iPhone OS 4.0 gives apps the ability to schedule local notifications.)

So, once again, I apologize for any confusion! If the lack of this calendar visualization means that OmniFocus doesn't meet your needs, we'll happily give you a refund for either or both apps—just contact