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The meaning of "due" is very confusing in OmniFocus, and I would like to encourage the Omni Group to clear up its ambiguity.

On the one hand "due" refers to any date when an action is due. For instance, an action has a Due Date property that can be set to any date in the Inspector window. One can group and sort action lists by the Due Date, and naturally this applies to all dates.

On the other hand, however, "due" refers to the Due Soon setting in the OmniFocus Properties, which allows for a range from 24 hours to one week. For instance, when applying the Status Filter "Due or Flagged", OmniFocus really applies a filter of "Due Soon or Flagged" rather than showing all actions that have a due date set or are flagged. I found it terribly confusing that non-flagged actions due in 8 days don't show up in the Due Perspective unless one changes the Status Filter to "Any Status" rather than "Due or Flagged".

Here is what I suggest:
  1. Please fix the user interface: Whenever you mean Due Soon, label it "Due Soon", not just "Due". Use "Due Date" if you refer to any date.

  2. Given its significance in identifying time sensitive actions, please be more explicit about what Due Soon means.

  3. Please add a status filter that shows all actions that have any kind of due date defined.
Do other users also find the use of Due confusing?

- Oliver