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Anyone else seeing this default but impractical zoom behavior?
Yes, I see this as well. The "default" view is definitely too wide a map area for my tastes, and I would much prefer that the map auto-zoom to a much smaller area. Seeing an area roughly from the north Georgia state line to Forsyth (north to south) and Rome to Athens (west to east) is way too much map real estate.

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Does that sound like what you're seeing?
For me, I'm not sure about "far away locations" in my contexts. Most of my location-based contexts are searches ("Best Buy" versus "123 Any Street"), so perhaps that's what is happening, but it still doesn't make any sense. If OmniFocus is attempting to smart-zoom, then it should do so only for contexts that have available actions, not all contexts. I still say the best option would be to zoom to a user-defined radius (20 miles, 50 miles, 100 miles, etc.) instead of attempting to cover all contexts (if that's really what is going on).

Following the logic you have laid out, if I have a location-based context that is in California (for whatever reason) and I live in Georgia, then every time I go to the maps view I should see the entire US map, even when I don't have any actions pending in California. Doesn't seem like a good idea, if you ask me.