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Ah ha... that definitely makes more sense. Although a ~60 mile radius seems a bit huge if you ask me. For example, I am seeing a west-east swath of about 150 miles. Way too much. I would love to see a setting that would allow an increase or decrease in this radius. I, for one, would trim this down to more like 15 to 20 miles.

If there is a task that is 60 miles away, I'm not likely to consider that close enough to act on unless some level of urgency required that I make that special trip. Of course, if it was that important, I wouldn't be looking at the map to make the decision to act on it or not. I look at the map to get an idea of what's actionable near me, and I don't ever consider 60 miles "near."

Is there an iOS URL preference that will allow me to change this?