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I agree with phil about the need to keep OF as simple as possible. However, I think it is fair for most users to expect that OF will meet 90% of their list and project management needs (as these are the aspects of GTD that OF seems aimed at filling). I am sure that, from Omni's point of view, they will want to point to another Omni product that answers that remaining 10%. For project managment, that remaining 10% is OmniPlan. For your reference system that remaining 10% might be OmniOutliner.

I think we all agree that someday/maybe is NOT a project. However, I am going to suggest that, if the current OF approach to dealing with someday/maybe is too distasteful, once again OO maybe the way to go. However, I did see one of the alpha testers mentioning that he was using another OF file for someday/maybe - as it made it easy to transfer an item to the "active" file.

In any event, maybe it would be useful for someone at Omni to map Omni's products to the GTD methodology. That way we are not complaining about stuff that Omni in general and OF in particular never intended to address.

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