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I am totally on board with the "Private Items" idea as I am in the same situation with the OP. Except that I'm not sharing my OF database...

I manage 4 people, but I let them manage their own projects (which in our case, are not long-term with hard deadlines). But I do want to make sure that things don't get lost, so keep all my questions and comments I have about their projects in OF which get reviewed each Monday. This list can get pretty large (20 items maybe), and it would be nice to somehow share just that project with them. Otherwise, each Monday we are going over the same issues again and again. The problem is, I don't want to touch the data I've already entered into OF again.

I know there are specific programs out there for bug tracking, or whatever else, but there is a human issue that comes into play: I have trained myself to put information info OF - period. Once it's there, I'm faced with moving the data to a bug tracking software package, or some other package - why? I would much rather pay for OF licenses for the office, and share what needs to be shared.

The OP's wonderful idea suits my situation, but without a private area, I won't be following it. It's almost like I'll have to have 2 different To Do programs. Bleh.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your ideas... I'll definitely be keeping this one in mind should I be able to find a way to make it work.