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This is my crack at "OmniProject". I'm not a software designer so I don't know how hard this would be.

What I am looking for is total app integration. This new app should sync with iCal, Mail, and Address Book (that way I can access the info on my iPhone too).

The idea is not just to do a gantt chart, or a network diagram, or a GTD app, but instead to use this to create activities and then be able to click on those activities and attach emails to them, or create a to-do (ala OmniFocus), or add a file. That way, you're not just looking at bars and activities, and then using a whole other set of apps to track your to-do's and emails and attachments.

Even better, picture this: you get an email from someone working with you on a project, regarding what you know as Activity 152: Prepare Presentation. You have to update the presentation and her email includes the template. Imagine if you could just right click on the email and a context menu pops up that says "Add to OmniProject" and when you click on it, you get a floating window that pops up so you can select the activity you want to "attach" this email to. Or maybe a menu item says "Add ToDo in OmniProject." Bam there it is.

What I want is the ability to go to one place and manage a task, add a file to it, or a google map; mark it complete, etc.

I've attached a sketch of what I mean. What do you guys think? Can we get the great Omni folk to do something like this? Yes? No? Am I just an idiot with way too much time on his hands? (Don't answer that!)

Gotta dream right!?

P.S. The file was too big for the forum so here is a link. I have it on