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I bought OW and loved it, but finally I had to go back to my Safari kludges (SafariStand and Saft). Three reasons:
  1. Tabs can’t open next to current tab.
  2. No immediate find-as-you-type.
  3. No “Undo Last Closed Tab” command.
Sure, everyone has pet peeves, and there have to be priorities. But these are common and long-standing requests, and — to my layman’s eyes — none of them seems like it would be a huge task.

I have been very impressed with the responsiveness of the support staff in terms communication — and this makes the lack of practical responsiveness seem especially odd. It’s also made me feel that providing feedback is a waste of time, which is another reason I stopped using OW.

I mean, as a poster just pointed out, that first feature-request has been in the air for three years! I know Omni hasn’t been able to spare much time for OW, but have circumstances actually precluded addressing something so simple in that period?

If the answer’s “yes,” I’d be happy to know it. As it is, I’m having trouble believing it worthwhile to contribute to discussions about more challenging feature-proposals.

Someday, my OW 6 prince will come. I think. It would help if you guys would make the foreshadowing a little more obvious.

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