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Oh I meant specifically the Feature Requests forum. I mean, I like wholly theoretical, useless debates as much as the next guy on the internet; but I'd been imagining that a regular look over the threads here, at least, was on the agenda for those working on OW.
I suspect, though have no way of confirming, that there's an element of "if you can't be bothered to send a request to the ninjas with a 30 second email, how important is this feature to you, really?" I'm not speaking of you in particular, as you do send them in, but in general.

Anyhow, if something as trivial as "Undo Last Closed Tab" hasn't gotten enough votes to make it in yet, something seems to me to be out of order with whatever system is in use.

I'd be happy to be educated out of that supposition by someone on the team; but as it is I am more than a little frustrated.
Looking at the release notes briefly, perhaps it was thought that the changes that have been done recently would benefit more users for the amount of work put in, based on what they see in the requests database. You could always call up Omni and ask them directly! Now that they aren't charging for the program, it's probably more important than ever to get votes in for desired changes.
As an aside, it would be nice to know what is at the top of the list. I know one can't guarantee road-maps, much less timeframes, but I'd prefer to have some basis for hope (or not) rather than none.
I'd be happy just to know what else is on the list! It's tough knowing which boxes to tick on the voting ballot when they aren't labeled :-)