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Let me bump this suggestion to!! Especially MCC's thoughts! Looking for some basic CAQDAS software that doesn't insult my sense of user-functionality. Nvivo looks ok, but alas its PC only and I'd need a small mortgage!

I have been experimenting with Omnioutliner for basic text coding and searching, by having one column for text and another for codes, enabling rows to be labelled with a Codes which are then searchable. It helps but isn't really enough!

This could be vastly improved by some manageable changes to omnioutliner:
1. including filtering in omnioutliner (which I believe has been suggested a long time ago) so that all rows with other codes were filtered out (like MCC suggests).
2. Implement a tagging system.
3. Saveable searches / smart folders to keep hold of different codes.

memos and interview sections could then be tagged and quickly recalled. Like mcc, I'm not looking for complex CAQDAS, I just need to be able to analyse text to know what I've got!