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Exactly. I don't use Mindmapping for day to day but it's great for what you just said. It's also nice to step out of a list environment and into something more free form, so you can then find some projects and actions worth putting into OF!

However, if OF is going to be more than GTD 'runway' level it's gonna have to figure out how to make that easier for us to think bigger. I'm really glad I have OF and the whole GTD thing down well enough to hardly ever have clutter getting in the way of the bigger picture. Thing is, the big picture isn't actually 'in' Omnifocus, it's elsewhere - OF has become a way of clearing runway so I can focus on bigger things...

...but OF doesn't hold the bigger things and I'm not sure where to put them, or how I would use OF to deal with them.

Hmmm. New thread perhaps. I'm sure this must have come up before.