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One feature I would LOVE is the option to not publish unavailable tasks to iCal. I tend to have a lot of projects built on the horizon, and I filter them out using a Start Date in the future. This works great working from OmniFocus, but If I'm working off of my Palm device, I am distracted from available tasks by all my forward-dated tasks that have synced to iCal.

Seconded on the [project in brackets] idea, as well. This would help a lot with Template projects - If you need both Make a Widget [Martha's Birthday Present] and Make a Widget [Eddie's Bar Mitzvah] that feature would help distinguish the task.

I've been Syncing-a-go-go with iCal, Missing Sync, and a Palm device ever since the feature hit, and BOY is it working well.

Thanks for today's update, with no more publishing actions from inactive projects!

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