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I am a new user of Speed Download and can't figure out why it doesn't pick up the downloads from OmniWeb 5.7 Sneaky Peek. Is there someone in the forum that has used SD for a while that can advise me how to Speed Download to work?
I think it might be helpful to know what you are trying to download. I've been a very long-term user of SD, and while there were issues of it not working with previous versions of OW for a long time, that is not basically a problem now.

That said, there are some file-types that don't get handed over to SD from OW, or it is a matter of server configuration that blocks the switch ... sometimes they don't get handed over by Safari either, and SD is optimised for Safari. I can't name them off the top of my head and it's a while since I met one. In those cases, I do one of three things: (1) I let OW handle the download; (2) I copy the URL from the Downloads Window, paste it into the SD window and when that has started close the OW download; (3) I switch to Safari for the purpose of getting that download and use the contextual menu to ensure SD takes over.

There seems to be another possibility, that I have just noticed recently, and that is that there is a "Download with Speed Download" service available in the Services menu. I've never tried it, so I don't know how/how well it will work.